Men’s Paris Fashion Week Street Style Trend: High-Top Sneakers

There was something different this year at the men’s edition of Paris Fashion week. While Stateside we often think of French fashion as having a more refined (or rigid, depending on who you ask) tone, this year we noticed attendees were sporting a much more casual look. We noticed this trend with footwear. In particular, the high-top sneaker really ruled the streets of Paris Fashion Week.

While we can see why men would prefer to keep their feet comfortable as they raced from venue to venue, the popularity of the sneaker was evident beyond street style. Designers sent various forms of the casual staple down the runways. Detailed in bold colors, boot-like construction, and metallic laces, there was a lot to look at around the ankles.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Over at Footwear News, Margaret Sutherlin points out that sneakers were the choice style for shoes at the men’s edition of Paris Fashion Week. As “sneaker culture” becomes more prevalent, the high-top style is adapted to more and more men’s unique styles. Sutherlin noticed sneakers paired with shorts, light blazers, and—on occasion—tube socks.

For us, the whole tube sock trend is a little bit too much of a, well, trend. As are the avant garde super high-rise high-tops and the styles that boast a bit too many loud details. (We’ll remain gentlemen and abstain from naming names…)

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And while other sneakers overcompensate for style with too many design elements, our high-tops stick to clean lines and classic colors (available in black, brown, and navy if you were wondering). That means their look will transcend seasons, looking good year after year with proper care and making them a much better investment than whatever pop-culture laden kicks the sneaker heads are lining up for this week.

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