The Right Shoes to Complete Your Warm Weather Wardrobe

Don’t get me wrong, summer is a great season. But I’m not exactly the happiest of campers when the weather starts creeping up to the triple digits. In many ways, hot weather is more limiting to a wardrobe options than a full-blown blizzard. I mean, at least with layers you have some options. Scorching heat only allows you so many yards of fabric before you start perspiring past the point of no return.

A smart, stylish guy keeps something in the closet that can salvage any summer look: a great pair of Italian leather shoes. Wearing high-quality leather shoes can make even shorts and a tee shirt look stylish. The trick is knowing how to pair your shoes with the right seasonal pieces in order to craft the ensemble.

  1. Pair a dark linen suit with sleek oxfords

Linen suits have come a long way. Once upon a time the linen suit was only appropriate at The Kentucky Derby, but today’s designers have noticed the potential of linen for everyday wear. The secret? Stay away from white and khaki colors. Instead, look for a suit in an understated brown, green or grey. Once you get the suit tailored, style it as you would your wool suits: with a great pair of oxfords like the Brando Semi-Brogue. You’ll feel just as put-together, minus the heat exhaustion that comes with wearing wool in July.

  1. Set off khaki chinos with cuffs and colored loafers

While beige suits are a bit passé, there’s something about a great fitting pair of khaki chinos that looks great while also staying seasonally appropriate. Their neutrality lends to versatility: dress them up with a button-down or keep it more casual with a nice Henley tee. If you want to keep from looking like you dad in the 90s, find a slim fit pair with no pleats and pair them with some casual but colorful shoes like the Stewart Penny Loafer in Midnight Blue. The color is fun while still leaning towards the classic style you’re trying to exude. If you want to look a little more on the trendy side, cuff your pants to hit right above your ankle so your shoes are fully visible. And remember: never wear socks with this look.

  1. Get the streetwear look with tailored shorts and high-top sneakers

Yes, shorts can be stylish. That is, if you know what looks good… and that does not include jean cut-offs. The modern men’s shorts are properly fitted, contain no holes or rips, and hit just above the knee. Color and fabric are up to the wearer, but for the love of God stay away from cargo shorts in social situations. There is no summer block party that necessitates all those pockets. There just isn’t.

While a pair of loafers or leather driving moccasins look great with shorts, you can upgrade your look to style blogger status with a cool pair of leather high-top sneakers. The height is helps balance out the amount of exposed leg while still giving a relaxed-yet-polished vibe. It kind of says “I know this is a casual time, but I still want to look good.”

And you will.