Menswear Takes an Eclectic Turn in 2015

The archetype of the modern man is changing, and so are his clothes. Hard and fast rules that once dictated appropriate attire are being bent and even broken as men’s fashion takes a knowing look at its past. The lines between professional and casual wear blur and blend, and the image of a well-dressed man takes on a new, more expressive, unburdened quality.

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Michael Kors described his 2015 men’s collection as “a little Keith Richards, a little Michael Cain.” These two apparently disparate influences are picking up the dogma of traditional menswear by its stodgy, pleated pants, turning it upside down, and shaking it out for its lunch money.

A Change of Approach

Menswear designers have spent the last decade trying to make men believe that it’s okay to invest in their appearance. Now that they’ve been thoroughly convinced, designers are ready to put a new spin on men’s fashion.

Gone are the days when matching your favorite puffy vest with a pair of fitted khakis was tantamount to fashion heresy. In 2015, polo shirts are cozying up with suit jackets, windbreakers are accompanying loafers, and cargo pants are making a stand on the runway.

While some of these mix-and-match styles are certainly easier to pull off than others, it’s the sudden and dramatic shift in convention that really interests us. Designers, rather than exploring contemporary takes on classic looks, seem to be throwing out the rulebook altogether.

You Call The Shots

The new motto of high fashion menswear is as follows: If it’s comfortable, aesthetically interesting, and representative of your lifestyle, wear it. Hell, don’t just wear it - shout it from the hilltops. This isn’t some staid attempt to bait and switch your look with the dude on the cover of GQ; it’s a holistic approach to menswear that invites experimentation and playfully smirks at the notion of fashion law.                                                                                                     You know you look good in those wholecuts. Damn good. Shame you only get to show them off around the office. So don’t. Take ‘em out on the town and show them what it means to break out of your Italian leather shell. At Paul Evans, we’re not here to accommodate convention. We’re in this business to make something new. Check out our collection today, and take a good look at the changing face of menswear.