Top 5 Last Minute Gifts For Her

It’s that time of year again. You still haven't purchased gifts for your girl, and the clock is ticking. Don't worry, we picked out our favorite gifts that are sure to please. Choosing one (or more) of these holiday gifts will surely put a smile on her face. You can thanks us later.


This gift idea is not a shocker. Women love perfume, surprise! You simply can’t go wrong with an elegantly packaged floral fragrance that reminds her of those warm summer days. Kudos if you buy the one endorsed by that celebrity she loves so much, this is a great way to show that you care and pay attention to the little things.

Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

With Victoria’s Secret, everybody wins. She gets to feel like a supermodel, while you enjoy the view and think to yourself, “how did I manage to score such a gorgeous gal?” Don’t bother running to your local retailer though, because shopping for ladies undies can be awkward and downright uncomfortable. Plus the likelihood of getting the right fit, color, or style is a long shot. Your best bet here is to snag a V.S. gift card and load anywhere from $25 to $500 on that bad boy. E-Gift cards are redeemable online, in store, or by phone and can be sent directly to her email account the same day. 


Even low maintenance chicks appreciate the occasional bling bling. The holidays are the perfect time to bedazzle her ring, wrist, ears, or wherever. Nabbing an unforgettable gold Michael Kors timepiece, or those diamond earrings she tried on, is thoughtful and likely to bring about screams of joy.

Cashmere Sweater

Clothes are synonymous with being a female. When the temperatures dip this season, an Alexander Wang cashmere sweater is sure to keep her both warm and stylish. Opt for a versatile neutral color like gray or black, so she can pair it with whatever she desires. Cashmere sweaters are the ultimate wardrobe staple, and a timeless fashion piece that she can wear for years to come.


A fantastic book is always a great holiday gift. Everyone appreciates a good read every now and then, so get her that novel she’s been dying to get her hands on. Whether your lady is a fashion blogger, or restaurant chef, finding a book that inspires and lifts her spirits this season will have you in the running for boyfriend of the year.