ShirtCycle Custom Shirt Subscription

If you're in the market for custom dress shirts it's time to check out ShirtCycle. We just received our first three custom dress shirts and wanted to share our experience with one of the newest subscription-based menswear companies.

Made with soft Sea Island cottons from the world's best European mills, these custom dress shirts deserve a place in your wardrobe. The ordering process combines the simplicity of ordering online, plus the hands-on service you'd expect from a custom tailor. 

After beginning your order on the ShirtCycle website, you're asked to select the look that best describes your personal style. Your options include:

  • Casual - relaxed and muted patterns in classic colors
  • Fashionable - sharp and refined style with a clean and crisp look
  • Aficionado - aggressive colors and patterns to stand out in a crowd

We were in need of some white and blue dress shirts, because you can never go wrong with the basics. So we opted for a casual style. Next up is how fitted you'd like your shirts:

  • Slim
  • Tailored
  • Classic

We've been killing it in the gym so tailored was the logical choice. The next step is to upload a picture of yourself from the waist up, so the tailors can better understand your build. Just snap a selfie and upload to the ShirtCycle site. You're then asked to enter your off-the-rack shirt measurements (neck, sleeve, waist, height and weight). Don't stress out on this step because you'll be sent a sample shirt (which you're free to keep) with a measuring tape to confirm sizing.

After entering your off-the-rack measurements, your asked which best describes your office attire? Your options are:

  • Casual
  • Formal
  • Balanced

You can even enter your industry and employer to give the tailors a better idea of what style dress shirt will work best for you. We chose balanced because you never know what meetings or appointments you'll have at Paul Evans. Next up is to select the primary shade of your existing suits and pants. Options include:

  • Dark
  • Light
  • Balanced

We chose balanced. Next, you'll enter your shipping details, after which the tailors will create a custom sample shirt and send it directly to you to verify the fit. If the shirt works, message ShirtCycle that all systems are go. They'll present you with three hand-picked fabrics based on your style guidance, look and lifestyle. Confirm the styles or select new ones to begin work on your shirts. 

If the sample shirt did not fit, you can use a prepaid return label to sent it back for free alterations. Just include a description of where to adjust the fit, a picture of you wearing the shirt and the measurement card with your new measurements. Turn around time here is 48 hours. After verifying fit, proceed with style selection. After styling has been confirmed, your shirts will enter production. Expect delivery in three weeks.

Because ShirtCycle is a subscription-based service, they'll hand pick three shirt fabrics and styles for you to choose from every other month. You can confirm or swap styles online or choose to skip a new shipment of shirts. 

We recommend checking out ShirtCycle if you're pressed for time and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. The shirts we ordered fit well, are solidly constructed and will serve us well in our weekly shirt rotation. So check them out here and tell them Paul Evans sent you!