Top 5 Must-Have Items For Fall

Fall is upon us, which means it’s time to get your fashion sense in order. Now is the time to bid adieu to your lightweight summer fabrics. These fall items will keep you both stylish and seasonable.


These overcoats are a wardrobe essential. Topcoats traditionally boast a slim profile for a refined and tailored look. This outwear option is also extremely versatile, suitable for any occasion. The camel hair topcoat is our personal favorite; the color is a visual stunner sure to have everyone asking, “where’d you get that?” 

Grey Pants

Every man should have a pair of grey pants on standby. For Fall, heavy fabrics and dark colors work best. Choose heavier wool or tweed to add some texture to your outfit. Easily paired with any pair of shoes in black, brown or oxblood.

Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere is the fabric of choice for stylish Fall outfits. Great for layering and extra warmth, get yours made with a v-neck or zip-up for a more casual look. Easily paired with grey wool pants and chukka boots for a very dapper look.  


Scarves have been a men’s fashion staple for over 2000 years. A valuable extra layer during the colder months, this versatile article of clothing will make that morning walk to the office a bit more bearable. Get a thick wool or cashmere scarf in a contrasting color for a stylish look. For example, a medium-grey suit paired with a burgundy wool scarf makes for a very dapper look .

Chukka Boots

During the fall season, no shoe comes close to the chukka boot. Made popular in the 40s and 50s, the chukka boot is versatile and easy to wear. Pair them with anything from jeans to wool trousers without compromising style. Investing in a quality pair of great chukka boots is the smartest decision you can make this fall.