Oxfords Calling

Your Grants ensure you’re putting your best foot forward, but that doesn’t get you off the hook for being equally well dressed from the ankles up. Stylish shoes deserve a well-considered turnout from the rest of your outfit. Here’s some inspiration.

If you’re headed off to work, you can easily dress up our Grants. Whether you have a casual office amenable to stylish jeans and a chic button-down shirt or a more formal work environment, oxfords are a great work shoe. If you need to throw a suit jacket over your shirt, look for a warm, neutral tone and fitted tailoring. A tailored sweater can also work as a great finishing touch to your ensemble.

If you’re going somewhere casual but cool on the weekend, try pairing your oxfords with fitted jeans and a tailored sweater or even a t-shirt. You can even go with cuffed jeans or pants that hit at the ankle. Look for coordinating colors, but don’t feel like you have to be monochrome. With the Grants, you can look for a sweater in any shade of clay, brown, white or cream with blue jeans or casual trousers in a neutral color.

Oxfords can be dressed down for those casual summer months. Yes, you have permission to wear them with shorts. Find a pair that is polished and sophisticated in a neutral or bright color, depending on your tastes. Our Grants pair well with almost any hue, from bright tones like yellow to classic khaki shades. Up top, anything goes, from a suit jacket to a cool tee.

Of course, if you want to dress your oxfords up in a more traditional way, a well-cut suit is still a great option in a formal setting. It’s time to ditch the no-black with-brown rule – you can wear a black suit with the Grants and still avoid arrest from the fashion police. For this look, details count – a great sock or a naked ankle can help you stand out.