Top 5 Vacation Destinations

Summer is here, and since you’ve been grinding for the past ten months, you deserve a vacation. The summer months offer beautiful weather, endless activities, and a laid back vibe. Want to know where the hottest destinations are without going Google crazy? Check out our favorite 5 locations for some getaway inspirations!


Maui is a prime destination for visitors of Hawaii. It offers impressive wildlife, history, and culture in addition to five-star resorts, and multicolored beaches. Get your adventure on by hiking at Haleakala National park, or driving the road to Hana. On the island of Hawaii, Maui is a must-visit.


Brazil boasts beautiful people, culture, and scenery. The exotic beauty of South America is breathtaking. There are over 1,500 beaches to choose from and more than 500 island paradises. Brazil is famous for Carnaval, where people party the day away. Travelers come from around the world to experience Rio, which has set the standard for the world.


The obvious reason to visit the capital of France is to see the Eiffel tower. This famous structure is one of the most iconic edifices in the world. Paris boasts the Louvre Museum, which houses the Mona Lisa itself. Experience some of the finest shopping, gourmet restaurants, and architecture in the world. A visit to Paris is a great addition to everyone’s bucket list. Paris is synonymous with Picasso, and it doesn’t get much better than that.


Spain encompasses the wildly bizarre and beautifully historic. This city by the sea is a great destination for families, couples, backpackers, and adventurers alike. Las Ramblas hones most of the activity, made up of slim alleyways busting with eateries, nightclubs and vibrant pedestrian markets. Discovering the city on foot, climbing Montjuic Mountain, and filling up on tapas and vermouth are highly recommended.


The name is exotic, and sums up the island of Fiji. Familiar to many Americans as a bottled water brand, Fiji’s 333 islands are highly ranked in the South Pacific. Go on a diving adventure and experience some beautiful water underworlds, golf on a tropical course, and experience the two main cuisines Fiji Indian and indigenous Fiji foods. Island hopping is a common practice for travelers, so charter a yacht and sail away for a truly memorable vacation.