Interview with the Timeless Gent

Timeless Gent - Giuliano Caracciolo

This is the first post of a series of interviews featuring taste makers and thought leaders in the menswear community. Giuliano Caracciolo is the founder of Timeless Gent, a global men's image consulting firm based out of Toronto. Continue reading to learn more.

How would you describe your company, Timeless Gent?

At its core Timeless Gent is about helping the modern man find his unique style that best portrays him and makes him look sharp as a result. Timeless Gent’s main offering is image consulting in the form of in person services and virtual options. If you want to look good for a job interview, a hot date or just to build your confidence, Timeless Gent can help you make it happen.

Additionally, I offer a men’s style blog on my site to offer tips, style advice and discuss many other topics for men.

In a nutshell, Timeless Gent lives and breathes men’s style.

How did you get involved in men’s style and image consulting?

It actually was in the making for a decade. I have always received compliments on how I dress and my personal style from classmates and friends when I was younger, to co-workers as an adult. I even receive comments and compliments from strangers.

This got me thinking two things. One, there was a noticeable gap between men wanting to look good and actually knowing what actually works for them and two, that I must be doing something right with my style.

Since then, I have been helping men all over the world look, dress & act their best.

What, in your opinion, do you feel men are lacking in style?

If I had to boil it down to just one thing, it definitely would be fit. Every person on Earth is unique and has different body types. Most clothing items in stores are made for the average male based on recent statistics. If that works for you great, however, I highly doubt that is the case.

Men should focus on fit and really discover their body dimensions and go from there. As most would agree, a tailor is your best friend when it comes to mastering fit.

What would you call your personal style?

I love classic, timeless clothing coupled with modern fit. I would call my style: Timeless Elegance.

What are the staples in your wardrobe?

My tailored, charcoal two-piece suit by Zegna is my current favorite and go-to look when I want to impress and get noticed. These look really great with my Paul Evans Grant shoes. A few tailored white dress shirts are also a must for me.                                                   

Who is your celebrity style inspiration?

I am a huge fan of Leonardo Decaprio. Not only does he usually look fantastic but his demeanor is really appealing to me and obviously to others as well.

What is the best style advice received?

Comfort paired with fit is the essence of style and the foundation of confidence.