Live Up To Your Potential

Fashion Hotbox The Brando ReviewEmma Werner, the fashionista behind Fashion Hotbox, recently posted a Brando shoe review with some photos of her brother modeling the shoes. I wanted to take a few minutes and not only direct you to her post but highlight some key points. We stress this often, but it deserves another mention. If you are a guy and trying to make something of yourself, you need to dress like you give a damn. When you invest in your wardrobe, you invest in yourself. And guess what, we aren't just talking about business.

Emma Werner Fashion Hotbox

"As a woman, I often look at what shoes a guy is wearing in order to learn a little more about him. The right pair of shoes can be so attractive–they can actually seal the deal with me. The wrong pair of shoes, on the other hand, can be devastating to a man’s game. Sometimes I’ll see a cute guy on the subway with the wrong pair of shoes and it’s just like really sad because he had so much potential." - Emma Werner, Fashion Hotbox 

Ouch... don't be the guy that never had a chance because you didn't want to invest in your shoes. No, the New Balance and boat shoe routine isn't going to cut it anymore. Guys, there is absolutely no shame in going down swinging, but you have to at least step up to the plate. Don't miss life's opportunities.

So we'll say it again: dress like you give a damn and step up your shoe game.

Oh, and Emma, nice shirt, but burgundy is the new black. Haven't you heard?