Barley & Britches

It seems to be all about direct-to-consumer these days.
  1. Person goes looking for said item
  2. Finds currently available options overpriced
  3. Decides to make him or herself and shake up the industry
  4. Make Kickstarter page

Barley & Britches Chinos

A song as old as rhyme, a tale as old as time. Sim Gulati of Barley & Britches is no different. By cutting out middlemen - the wholesale and retail layovers - Sim can deliver a quality men's chino to our doors via the Internet for $38. Sim's no noob either. Growing up in India, his family owned and operated factories before he set out on his own to connect Asian factories with department stores such as Macy's, Under Armour and Nautica.

Slight PR blunders aside, the initial selection of chinos appear to be quality in the well-produced video and product shots. We also love the colors selected for the first run; Vintage Khaki, Rust Brown, Blackberry, Royal Blue, and Forest Green strike a great balance between multi-occasion and stand-out. No doubt Sim's consumer product industry experience led to his color selections here.

At $38, these chinos would have to be an absolute disaster to not find a place in your slacks rotation. Rocking a pair of Grants along with the Barley & Britches chinos, and you could slide straight from work into a happy hour or dinner date. Count us in for a pair of Blackberrys.