Bottega Del Vino

Paul Evans Bottega Del VinoMidtown Manhattan doesn’t get a lot of love. When you’re making plans to go out, either for dinner or drinks, it’s a near certainty Midtown isn’t on your geographic radar. That makes sense; there are plenty of other neighborhoods better suited for a night out. However, we’ve all been in circumstances requiring a quick restaurant decision. Sometimes you just need a solid spot that’s conveniently located.

Paul Evans Bottega Del VinoAt 7 E 59th Street lies Bottega Del Vino. Modeled after the tradition and ambiance of Bottega Del Vino in Verona, Italy, one of Italy’s premiere wine houses since 1890, this hideaway in Midtown Manhattan is the perfect spot for an afternoon glass of vino, panini and cappuccino. However, the restaurant has a full menu (breakfast, lunch and dinner) offering guests superb Veronese Northern Italian cuisine. 

Bottega Del VinoSince November of 2005, Bottega Del Vino has given its guests one of the most authentic experiences in all of New York City. In order to preserve the integrity and essence of the original Bottega Del Vino, all of the restaurant’s furnishings are imported directly from Italy including the 100-year old aged wood pillars, marble tops, and etched copper and antique chandeliers.

Upon entering the restaurant, guests are greeted by the pleasant aroma of Italian coffee brewing at the bar. Premium cappuccino and espresso with fresh baked cornetti is the rigueur de jour. The freshly made paninis with cured meats and melted cheese are outstanding. If you’re in the mood for something sweet there is a sumptuous array of homemade Italian pastries as well.

The food is delicious. The ambiance is warm and inviting. The wine selection is fantastic and the cappuccinos are some of the best I’ve ever had. Bottega Del Vino is a winner, check it out