Linkson Jack Bespoke Tie Service

Paul Evans Linkson Jack Bespoke Tie ServiceI recently came across a beautiful selection of bespoke grenadine ties made by hand from Linkson Jack. These London purveyors of fine accessories are perfect for men with a strong sense of personal style and who seek products that will enhance their individuality. The company offers truly one-of-a-kind pieces that are high in quality and possess a timeless sense of style.

The Linkson Jack bespoke tie service allows you to customize each tie by length, width, lining and by number of folds. I ordered two grenadine ties, a blue and green fine weave, both standard length (142cm), standard width (8cm), unlined and with five folds. I waited two weeks for delivery because the service is bespoke and Linkson Jack is located in London.

The wait time was well worth it. The ties are made by hand by Arcuri, an Italian tie manufacturer run by Franco Arcuri and his wife. The creation of an Arcuri tie is a very time consuming process which involves manual cutting, handcrafted sewing, stretch and welding, tacking, and final sewing.

Paul Evans LInkson Jack Bespoke Tie ServiceEvery tie is manually cut with scissors using a pattern placed on the fabric at 45° angle, to perfectly center the design and give to it the right elasticity. Handcrafted sewing, called “incappucciatura,” of the liner is next and performed with the utmost care and expertise inch by inch. After ironing the tie to ensure the maximum adhesion, the tack welding is performed to fix the canvas (the soul of the tie). The tie is fully tacked by hand, to get a flawless symmetry and therefore a perfect result. The tie is finished by hand with delicate stitches of equal length, with scalloping, for an elegant result.

The end product is a superb tie that has been made just for you and can arrive at your door in two weeks time. I highly recommend the bespoke tie service from Linkson Jack. Use the discount code “HMTIES” for 40% off your order.