Dress Sneakers In Brown With White Outsole


Duke low top leather dress sneakers in Brown. The Duke Low Top Dress Sneakers in Brown are hand-made from high-quality Italian leather. Like our dress shoes, they are hand dyed and hand burnished by fourth generation Italian artisans. The eye-catching design features pillow padded cushioned tongue and collar for a soft and luxurious feel. All Ace Marks dress sneakers have durable stitched rubber outsoles with waxed dress shoelaces. The classic color combination highlights the modern silhouette of these stylish men’s dress sneakers. The Duke Low Top Luxury Dress Sneakers in Brown model is versatile in its understated elegance. With premium full grain calfskin leather upper and lining, the Duke low top sneakers provide increased comfort and breathability. All Ace Marks models are shipped without charge to the United States and are eligible for our Buyback program.

  • low top dress sneakers in brown with gumsole
  • Leather dress sneakers made from full grain calfskin leather upper and lining
  • Pillow padded cushioned Tongue and Collar
  • Durable rubber outsole stitched to upper (not glued)
  • Modern and versatile men’s dress sneakers
  • Hand-made and dyed in Italy
  • Luxury dress sneakers

As a premium supplier of fine Italian dress shoes for men, Ace Marks is committed to customer satisfaction. We are the only luxury brand that provides a BuyBack guarantee on all sold footwear. When you make a selection from our online catalogue you are given the option to post back your old Ace Marks and receive a $50 credit towards the purchase of a new full-priced pair. Social engagement is important to us and as a partner of Career Gear, a leading national organization helping men in need, we donate used shoes to help men get back on their feet and re-enter the workforce. All orders in the USA are subject to free shipping.


Italy has long been the center of world fashion. Sophisticated craftsmanship, an eye for timeless designs, and high-quality materials make Italy the greatest shoe producing country in the world.


Dress Sneakers In Brown With White Outsole